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Saturday, May 2, 2015

We are here for you

We are a ministry which focuses on spreading the word of God and deliverance in the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ever struggled to be free from something that just wasn't right inside you? Feel all alone in a crowd, even at church and think no one understands? Are you unable to control unhealthy thoughts or actions? No matter what you face, alcohol drugs, pornography, gambling addiction, uncontrollable sexual desires or behavior, anger, rage or violence, self hatred, c...onstant condemnation, we understand. Do you keep picking the wrong relationships? Feel like you are under a financial curse and nothing works out? Are you drowning in financial debt and concerns? You may even be successful financially yet there is no joy in your life and you cannot control what you do. No matter what you may have done you are deeply loved and cared about.

No one wants to think or admit they might have an unclean spirit inside them. After all we have been taught it is impossible, that only happens in third world countries or that you only need to pray, seek counseling or other well meaning but ineffective advice. Yet for some reason something just isn't right.

We understand what you are going through. You are not alone. Jesus never ever condemned anyone who sought deliverance from Him as a matter of fact He made a few go into very powerful ministries. You do not have to live in that inner prison anymore. Our ministry is free. We do not charge for deliverance sessions.

Our ministry provides prayers, prophetic encouragement and deliverance with life changing results. Our website allows you to contact an ordained prophetic minister for deliverance ministry without the embarrassment of having anyone know.
Call 253-302-2900 , text or email today for help. We are here for you. Leave a message if no one answers the phone and you will be called back. Visit our website for more details: