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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Testimony of healing and promotion for the Lord

Last Sunday March 8 at the end of the meeting I made an altar call for those who needed a touch for the Lord to come forward. Jeng came forward she had an obvious upper respiratory infection and a headache most likely the flu. Jeng asked for prayer for healing. As I prayed for her to be healed I had a word of knowledge for her and I told Jeng that I saw a promotion, a financial increase at her work. 

Next Saturday Jeng was at the coffeehouse. She testified that within 24 hours she was completely healed and all her symptoms were gone. She testified that she had been offered a higher paying job but as she was applying for a home loan she did not feel she should accept the job. Jeng testified that on Friday her boss called her into the office and she thought "what did I do". Her boss gave her a piece of paper and he had given her a big raise in pay and her responsibilities are increased. We serve a faithful Jesus!