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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hearing restored by the power of the Holy Spirit

Today at our morning meeting Brother Salvadore was sitting next to me. As I prayed for him, I prayed for his hearing to be restored. He had not asked for this prayer. After I prayer Brother Salvadore testified of his hearing being restored. He said that he could not understand what we were saying and he did not like to speak publically because he had a hard time hearing his own words. Brother Salvadore testified he could hear clearly now, that as I had prayed his hearing had been restored. All glory to Jesus there is power in His name.

Testimony of healing and promotion for the Lord

Last Sunday March 8 at the end of the meeting I made an altar call for those who needed a touch for the Lord to come forward. Jeng came forward she had an obvious upper respiratory infection and a headache most likely the flu. Jeng asked for prayer for healing. As I prayed for her to be healed I had a word of knowledge for her and I told Jeng that I saw a promotion, a financial increase at her work. 

Next Saturday Jeng was at the coffeehouse. She testified that within 24 hours she was completely healed and all her symptoms were gone. She testified that she had been offered a higher paying job but as she was applying for a home loan she did not feel she should accept the job. Jeng testified that on Friday her boss called her into the office and she thought "what did I do". Her boss gave her a piece of paper and he had given her a big raise in pay and her responsibilities are increased. We serve a faithful Jesus! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Powerful Deliverance in the name of Jesus

Miracle of salvation, healing  financial blessings and deliverance from demons by the power of the name of Jesus! I received a call from Laura seeking deliverance for her 26 year old son Joshua. We made an appointment for that night at the building at 5437 South Tacoma Way. Joshua stated he was unable to believe in Jesus yet freely states he has demons and wants to be free. Joshua was deaf in his right ear, he had no sense of taste or smell his right knee had been severely dislocated in 2008 and was giving him much pain. He had difficulty expressing his views struggling for words he complained of being bi polar ADHD mental issues problems with unbelief and he felt suffocated, choked like a noose around his neck. He stated he was under some sort of financial curse and his work was only a few hours a week. 

After a conversation explaining the gospel of Jesus Christ, Joshua stated he could not accept Jesus. I told Joshua there was nothing I could do for him if he did not accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Joshua then tried to pray to accept Jesus, however he could not say the name of Jesus.

As I continued to share scriptures with Joshua the demon controlling him manifested. He looked at me with pure hatred in his eyes. I then commanded it to come out of him in the name of Jesus. He was on the floor in convulsions coughing spitting up bloody mucus. As the demon left him over a 15 minute period, he had fluids coming from his ears and nose also. 

He sat up his face was so bright he was looking behind me over my shoulder and he said "all I can see is the glory of God" I asked him to say Jesus is Lord. He did then he prayed to receive Jesus for salvation. He was so full of life his entire countenance had changed to joy. He started laughing. 

He said  he had no noose feeling around his neck anymore, his hearing in right ear was healed we plugged his left and tested it. His sense of taste and smell instantly came back. He even said wow I can smell myself.  His knee was healed from the pain of dislocation 6 years ago his thinking was restored and he was able to speak normally. He was standing on his right leg! He said his breathing was free no more suffocating feeling! 

Joshua's mother testified later that Joshua began speaking in tongues and his work hours dramatically increased 

The biggest miracle was he truly was born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit! Jesus is so faithful! 

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